Why choose McGovern Woodcraft custom cabinets over cabinets from IKEA, Home Depot, or other big brands?






The simplest answer to this question is—with McGovern Woodcraft custom cabinets you will enjoy high-quality, beautiful, functional cabinets that will last a long time. With Home Depot, IKEA, etc. cabinets, they use low-grade particle woods mass-produced overseas that can't muster the test of time. Besides, there's something about a sturdy door, a soft close hinge, a silky air-brushed finish that just feels so right. If you want a piece of craftsmanship, go with custom.

We also ask potential clients to consider value. At chain stores, they'll give you a quote for a certain number of linear square feet. Their estimate will sound reasonable...at first. But then when you add anything special like multi-layered drawers, custom hardware, glass panels, soft-close hinges, crown molding, or special legs for an island, the cost soars because they just don't do custom. And, when it comes to installing, you can bet the big brands will try to rush through the process, inevitably leaving scratched paint, crooked boxes, and loose hinges. We guarantee a clean installation no matter how long it takes.


Only kitchen cabinets or more?

McGovern Woodcraft specializes in cabinets—whether they're in bathrooms, closets, pantries, cellars, or decks. 


What style of cabinets do you make?

We regularly build a variety of styles and finishes. The most popular style these days is a paint- grade face/ framed cabinet with shaker-style doors and drawer fronts. However, we've also built cabinets in a "cottage" style design, mid-century, art deco and more.


What about countertops?


We are not counter top fabricators, but work closely with sub-contractors who install counter tops including granite, stainless steel, solid surface, soapstone, tile etc. 


We'll cost out each project once we have a design outline. In general terms, our custom cabinets will cost a little bit more than the big-box store particle-board cabinets. However, with us, you can expect to save around 30-60% from most commercial cabinet shops, and, don't forget, we're able to build TRUE CUSTOM cabinetry to fit your needs and space.

Tell me about pricing!


How long does it take?


The process usually takes 3 months from initial consultation to final installation. This allows for attention to detail and proper order of installation on other items such as flooring, counter tops and back-splash.


More complex jobs will require the 3D renderings and will be included with the project.  Easier jobs may not require 3D modeling, but can be provided to you for an additional cost.  

Are 3D models included or extra?


Absolutely! We can be contracted for just design work. 

Can I hire you to do JUST the design only?  


What if I already have a design?

We will review your design and ensure that it meets our criteria. Once we're sure everything is to spec, we'll be happy to build and install for you.


Talk to me about your design process...

As a professional "space engineer," Chelsea's design process centers on understanding how you use your space. She'll get an idea of your routine, your home's foot traffic, your entertaining style, and then, create a floor plan and cabinet plan around you.   


Will you work outside of the San Antonio metro area?

Yes!  We're available and can work outside Bexar county.  There may be an additional cost for mileage, but let's talk!


I'm really excited! How do I start?!

Go to our contact form here!!