Tim McGovern, Owner and Lead Carpenter

After many years in exploration geology, Tim found a calling in woodcraft, after his wife, Chelsea, suggested they remodel their 1936 Thorman stone cottage. He loves the exacting process of building custom pieces and seeing ideas come to life. Tim is a bonafide workaholic, but still finds time to jam out with his family band, The Hootenannies. His son, Conlan, likes to think he's the lead drummer, but that's a job for Uncle Patrick (see below). The McGoverns have called San Antonio "home" since 2007, after graduating from Texas A&M University.


Chelsea McGovern, Owner and Designer

Chelsea is also a trained exploration geologist and jack-of-all-trades. She and Tim met in mineralogy class sophomore year and the rest is history.  She finds inspiration in every home she meets, and is fascinated by the path homeowners (and their guests) take as they navigate through a house. She has a gift for seeing the unseen, and finding ways to maximize living areas.

For Chelsea, every home has a story to be honored, and she loves working with homeowners to help them find their home's true north. 


Patrick McGovern, Head of Cabinet Making

Patrick, Tim's brother, graduated from the University of Texas School of Architecture c/o 2017. He brings a precise and artistic eye to his work as a woodcrafter. He is also lead drummer in the McGovern family band, The Hootenannies. 

Bryan Marx, Head of Doors and Millwork

Bryan, a San Antonio native and descendant of carpenters, is a natural fit at McGovern Woodcraft. Before moving back to South Texas to fulfill his true destiny, he lived in Denver where he worked as a trainer and personal chef. Bryan is an Air Force veteran.

Ruben Amaya, Head of Paint and Installation

San Antonio native, Ruben, has long been an artist—mostly a painter. When not seen wearing the spaceman paint-booth outfit or installing cabinets, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. 

Louie, Paint, Assembly & Installation

Louie, Ruben's lifelong friend, is an apprentice carpenter at McGovern Woodcraft. He is a native San Antonian and movie buff!

Aaron Storbeck, Assembly & Installation

Aaron is a fellow geologist turned Renaissance man. After traveling the country with his wife and kids in an R.V., he has decided to put roots down in the San Antonio area and learn woodworking with McGovern Woodcraft.

Tanner Bowersox, Paint, Assembly & Installation

Tanner is one of several geologist on the McGovern Woodcraft team. Originally from Hanover, Pennsylvania, Tanner graduated from college in the Pacific Northwest and then followed a job to San Antonio, where he's been ever since. On the side, Tanner studies the art of The Quesadilla, and sings/plays lead guitar in The McGovern family band, The Hootenannies. 


Conlan McGovern, Carpenter-to-be

Conlan, Tim and Chelsea's 2-year-old son, likes to hang out around the shop, pretend-drum on anything that will make noise, and pretend-drive his father's F-250 (extended cab) and forklift driver!