Tim McGovern

Tim's from Corpus Christi. His dad's a Geologist, his mom is a Mechanical Engineer. And yes, he too is a Geologist. But his true creative center is fulfilled when working with wood.  He loves the exacting process of building custom pieces and seeing them come to life. Precision is the name of Tim's game. The game of woodcraft, that is....


Chelsea McGovern

Another Geologist. Yes indeed!  And yet...

Chelsea finds inspiration in every home she meets.  She's fascinated by the path homeowners (and their guests) take as they navigate around their home. She has a gift for seeing the unseen, and finding ways to maximize living areas so that everyone is at their best in their home.

For Chelsea, every home has a story that needs to be honored, and she loves working with homeowners to help them find their homes true north.


Conlan McGovern

Conlan is gifted.  He knows sign language and communicates all his needs and wants with just a gesture and a look.  He's already getting ready to be a builder just like dad.  Notice his tool belt and hammer in hand. Yes, sir, this boy is ready to roll!